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01Wherever I May RoamMetallica6:44
02St. AngerMetallica7:22
03Bleeding MeMetallica8:08
04Seek and DestroyMetallica6:56
06For Whom The Bell TollsMetallica5:11
07No Leaf CloverMetallica5:43
08The Memory RemainsMetallica4:37
09Hijo De La LunaHaggard4:21
10Stairway To HeavenFar Corporation2:24
11All Nightmare LongMetallica7:58
13Until It SleepsMetallica4:27
14The Day That Never ComesMetallica7:56
15I DisappearMetallica4:26
16So WhatMetallica3:11
18End of All HopeNightwish3:55
19h Man DownNightwish5:20
20Welcome Home (Sanitarium)Metallica6:25
22The UnforgivenApocalyptica5:22
23Not Strong EnoughApocalyptica3:35
24Bring Me To LifeEvanescence3:57
25Broken PiecesApocalyptica3:54
27The Good LifeThree Days Grace2:53
28I Hate Everything About YouThree Days Grace3:55
29World So ColdThree Days Grace4:03
30Its All OverThree Days Grace4:12
31PainThree Days Grace3:23
32The Last Time (Demo)Within Temptation4:35
34Enjoy the silenceLacuna Coil4:08
35Hall of The Mountain KingApocalyptica3:29
36OblivionSeconds To Mars3:29
37Bitter TasteThree Days Grace4:00
38I Don't Care (feat. Adam Gontier of Three Days Grace)Apocalyptica3:40
39A Current ObsessionLacuna Coil5:20
41Just Like YouThree Days Grace3:08
42- Fort Minor Feat. Styles of Beyond - Cover and DuckFort Minor4:55
43One XThree Days Grace4:46
44My WayLimp Bizkit6:24
46Are You ReadyThree Days Grace2:46
47Break StuffLimp Bizkit2:46
48Nothing Else MattersMetallica & San Francisco Symphony Orchestra6:47
49Giving InLinkin Park3:57
50HomeThree Days Grace4:22
51Mama SaidMetallica5:21
53Time Of DyingThree Days Grace3:08
54Я свободенЛенинград3:25
55Валерий Кипелов - Я свободенВалерий Кипелов6:20
56What Have You Done (Single Version)Within Temptation4:01
57Open Your EyesGuano Apes3:09
587 Days to the WolvesNightwish7:04
59I Won't Tell YouLacuna Coil3:49
60No MoreThree Days Grace3:45
61Night Of The HunterSeconds To Mars5:41
62RiotThree Days Grace3:27
63Utopia (feat. Chris Jones)Within Temptation3:50
64Last ResortPapa Roach3:23
65She Loves Me NotPapa Roach3:29
66The EnemyPapa Roach3:38
67End Of Me (feat. Gavin Rossdale)Apocalyptica3:29
68InfestPapa Roach4:09
69Life Burns!Apocalyptica3:06
70MoveThousand Foot Krutch3:28
71The Ghost Woman And The HunterLacuna Coil4:09
72Something In Your MouthNickelback3:38
73PhenomenonThousand Foot Krutch2:59
74AttackSeconds To Mars3:08
75The Prophet SaidLacuna Coil4:33
77Black Black HeartMuse3:20
79Ever DreamNightwish4:43
80Master Of PuppetsMetallica5:00
81Going UnderEvanescence3:35
82Re-arrangedLimp Bizkit5:54
83Gone ForeverThree Days Grace3:41
84If Everyone CaredNickelback3:38
85Another Me "In Lack'ech"Epica4:40
86Path Vol 2Apocalyptica3:24
87ApologizeHollywood Undead3:26
88Wake UpThree Days Grace3:26
89Turn The PageMetallica6:06
91fantazysecond to mars4:29
92Running Up That HillWithin Temptation4:01
93Absent Without LeaveSirenia4:54
94Feeling GoodMuse3:19
95This Is My DreamLacuna Coil4:09
96Burn It To The GroundNickelback3:31
97Die, Die My DarlingMetallica2:29
99Behind Those Eyes3 Doors Down4:19
100Broken WingThousand Foot Krutch3:55
101New DesignThousand Foot Krutch3:29
102Daylight DancerLacuna Coil3:50
103Still WaitingSum412:37
104I'm Not AfraidLacuna Coil3:22
105Follow Mebreaking benjamin3:16
107Falls ApartThousand Foot Krutch3:35
108Our Solemn HourWithin Temptation4:17
109Learn To BreatheThousand Foot Krutch4:07
111Supermassive Black HoleMuse3:29
112Undisclosed DesiresMuse3:56
114If Today Was Your Last DayNickelback4:08
115...To Be LovedPapa Roach3:02
116Take MePapa Roach3:26
117Outta ControlThousand Foot Krutch3:27
118Anything For YouEvanescence3:25
119Sensual SeductionSnoop Dogg4:06
120Riders on the Storm (Fredwreck Remix)Snoop Dogg6:14
121Me and My GirlTheory Of A Deadman3:40
122Nothing Could Come Between UsTheory Of A Deadman3:25
123Burning In The SkiesLinkin Park4:13
12488sum 414:39
125Our TruthLacuna Coil4:03
126Wish YouWithin Temptation5:00
127FasterWithin Temptation4:23
128Your BoreSeether3:52
129Candy coatedCrazy Town4:24
130The SecretLacuna Coil4:18
131ButterflyCrazy Town3:36
132PainHollywood Undead2:42
133HumaneLacuna Coil4:13
134Everybody's FoolEvanescence3:42
135Lethean RiverTristania5:57
136FallenSeconds to Mars4:59
137UnbelievableThousand Foot Krutch3:02
138Where Will You GoEvanescence3:47
139Bring Me To LifeThousand Foot Krutch3:36
140AngelsWithin Temptation4:02
141I'm Not JesusApocalyptica3:35
142OrdinaryThousand Foot Krutch3:09
143Life Starts NowThree Days Grace3:08
145Last to KnowThree Days Grace3:27
146Someone Who CaresThree Days Grace4:52
147Born With Nothing, Die With EverythingPapa Roach3:49
148E For ExtinctionThousand Foot Krutch3:52
149Was It A DreamSeconds To Mars4:15
150Edge Of The EarthSeconds To Mars4:34
151From YesterdaySeconds To Mars4:03
152Kings and QueensSeconds to Mars5:34
153A Beautiful LieSeconds To Mars4:05
154This Is WarSeconds To Mars5:27
155HurricaneSeconds To Mars6:12
156Over and OverThree Days Grace3:11
157Across The LineLinkin Park3:10
158Burn It DownBurn It Down - Linkin Park3:51
159Kryptonite3 Doors Down3:53
160ForeverPapa Roach4:06
161Shinobi Vs Dragon NinjaLostprophets2:47
163It's Not Me It's YouSkillet3:24
165Even If I CouldPapa Roach3:16
166The Chain (Fleetwood Mac Cover)Three Days Grace3:43
167Animal I Have BecomeThree Days Grace3:51
168Now or NeverThree Days Grace3:00
169When We Stand TogetherNickelback3:11
170Like SuicideSeether4:15
171OverratedThree Days Grace3:32
172The ChainThree Days Grace3:50
173Heaven's A LieLacuna Coil4:46
174I Will Not BowBreaking Benjamin3:36
175Without YouBreaking Benjamin4:16
176DecoratedCrazy Town3:08
177DrownThree Days Grace3:29
178BreakThree Days Grace3:13
179Sorry Go 'RoundPoets Of The Fall3:38
180- The diary of janeBreaking Benjamin3:20
181Love Is HellTheory Of A Deadman3:31
182So ColdBreaking Benjamin4:33
183Love HerSeether4:11
184Step to MeThousand Foot Krutch3:00
185Just To Get HighNickelback4:02
186Fade To BlackMetallica6:53
187Pages3 Doors Down3:47
189SwampedLacuna Coil4:00
190Walking AwayLimp Bizkit4:58
191Into the NothingBreaking Benjamin3:43
192CrashPapa Roach3:22
193The Hard WayFort Minor3:52
194The KillSeconds To Mars3:51
195What You WantEvanescence3:41
196Figured You OutNickelback3:49
197Broken (feat. Seether)Evanescence4:19
198Carlos Santana Feat. Chad Kroeger - Into The NightNickelback3:40
199Everywhere I GoHollywood Undead3:30
200Bloc PartyFort Minor2:40
201Live Free Or Let Me DieSkillet3:52
202Walk Away From The SunSeether7:44
203Paradise LostHollywood Undead3:10
204The OneLimp Bizkit5:43
205Wie WeitApocalyptica3:29
206Because Of MeSeether3:36
207Get UpCent3:17
208Here Without YouThree Doors Down3:59
209I Feel You3 Doors Down4:07
210Booyaka 619 (Rey Mysterio)P.O.D.3:12
211Dont PanicColdplay2:38
212Dark Chest Of WondersNightwish4:28
213Fade AwaySeether3:53
214DegreesFort Minor3:05
216Not EnoughLacuna Coil3:40
217Hurt You So BadCrazy Town3:47
218Citizen Soldier3 Doors Down3:52
219Time And Time AgainPapa Roach2:58
220Savin' MeNickelback3:39
221To The EdgeLacuna Coil3:21
222I Almost Told You That I Loved YouPapa Roach3:09
223How FarApocalyptica3:28
224Chalk OutlineThree Days Grace3:02
225Careless WhisperSeether4:24
226Rape MeNirvana2:50
227Get Out AliveThree Days Grace4:22
228Nine ThouStyles of Beyond3:48
229No Jesus ChristSeether7:06
230Tight RopeLacuna Coil4:15
231Kick In The TeethPapa Roach3:11
232Silence Is The EnemyPapa Roach2:53
233A True FriendLimp Bizkit5:09
234Broken HomePapa Roach3:41
235Violet HillPendulum4:57
236Let It DieThree Days Grace3:20
237BurnPapa Roach3:25
238RevengePapa Roach3:41
239RevolveSeconds To Mars3:59
240You Know You're Right [#]Nirvana3:36
241Don't BelieveSeether4:35
242ValhallaSeconds To Mars4:52
243Escaping senseInside the Time Jail1:54
244Red Light-Green LightLimp Bizkit5:36
245Fu*k Me Like You Hate MeSeether3:28
246We Made ItBusta Rhymes3:58
247When Im Gone3 Doors Down4:17
248Skulls And StarsCrazy Town4:25
249All That I'm Living ForEvanescence3:47
250Lonely WorldLimp Bizkit4:33
251Ice QueenWithin Temptation5:20
252ScreamThousand Foot Krutch3:26
253PaleWithin Temptation4:30
254Santa MonicaTheory of a Deadman4:07
255All I WantedParamore3:48
256School Of Hard KnocksP.O.D.4:04
257Blood BrothersPapa Roach3:33
258My GenerationLimp Bizkit3:41
260ExpectationsThree Days Grace2:43
261Take Me AwayAvril Lavigne2:57
262On My OwnThree Days Grace3:09
263Give In To MeThree Days Grace3:19
264Take It Out On MeThousand Foot Krutch3:17
265ToplessBreaking Benjamin3:03
266War of ChangeThousand Foot Krutch3:51
267Courtesy CallThousand Foot Krutch3:57
268Lump Your HeadHollywood Undead3:37
270BitchesHollywood Undead3:30
271This Love, This HateHollywood Undead3:57
272UndeadHollywood Undead4:25
273Shot In The DarkWithin Temptation5:02
274The CatalystLinkin Park5:39
275We Will Rock You (Queen Cover)Nickelback2:00
276SaviorSeconds To Mars3:24
277Give It To Me3 Doors Down3:21
278Hustlers ambitionCent3:57
279Losing GripAvril Lavigne3:53
280Duck And Run3 Doors Down3:51
281Out Of My WaySeether3:52
282Come As You AreNirvana3:38
284Lost in ForeverP.O.D.4:04
286New Way To Bleed (Bonus Track)Evanescence3:46
287Would It MatterSkillet4:12
288Over The Hills And Far AwayNightwish5:00
289Shallow BayBreaking Benjamin4:04
291New DrugThousand Foot Krutch2:44
292Castle Of GlassLinkin Park3:25
294CaliforniaHollywood Undead3:17
295Waste Of My TimeCrazy Town2:55
296Dance With The DevilBreaking Benjamin3:47
297Until My Last BreathTarja Turunen4:26
298Escaping sense finalInside the time Jail2:46
299Let The Sparks FlyThousand Foot Krutch4:05
300SCAVAHollywood Undead4:01
301Get A LifeLimp Bizkit4:55
302Zerosecond to Mars4:40
303MystifyParadise Lost3:46
304A Demon’s FateWithin Temptation5:30
305It'll Be OkLimp Bizkit5:06
306Don't BelongCold3:40
307SOSThe Rasmus3:29
308Around The WorldNaked Round The Block3:45
309BeautifulCrazy Town3:18
310EnvisionTheatre Of Tragedy3:51
311We areHollywood undead4:32
313Head Above WaterTheory Of A Deadman3:32
314Hello againLostprophets4:57
315Unknown SoldierBreaking Benjamin3:46
317The Leaving Song Pt. 2A.F.I.3:26
318The Flame In All Of UsThousand Foot Krutch3:21
319MedicateBreaking Benjamin3:46
320Hollywood BabylonCrazy Town4:24
322Welcome To The MasqueradeThousand Foot Krutch3:41
323En Vie (feat. Manu)Apocalyptica3:29
325GloryHollywood Undead3:29
326Confession (What's Inside My Head)Red2:44
327Die, Die My DarlingMetallika2:29
328Hands UpLloyd Banks4:00
329S.O.S. (Anything But Love)Apocalyptica4:19
330Stand My GroundWithin Temptation3:58
331Sad but trueMetallica5:25

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