Xzibit - Everything

Текст песни Xzibit - Everything

I was on the block pitching rocks at fifteen
I remember underage drinking at sixteen
Let my nuts hang, Cali bang at seventeen
Now I got everything, bitch, I got everything

[Verse 1]
My back was to the wall, risked it all, after all, all I had was me
Just tenacity, so we all leave with a sense of sweet
Then everything I write around got a cotton seat
Fuck y'all dry, sawed-off and done rapidly
Partner, now let's be honest, ain't got no good intentions
The opportunist it's you moving in my position
But I'm a heavyweight, humble, hitting the heavy bag
Waiting for the day I stumble across your fucking ass
Instead I push the work in, chin up and chest out
Picking the shit up where I left off
You went soft and sensitive, too timid to tangle with the Lost Angel
I admit it, I bull shit and gave you the wrong angle
Now I have a seat at my table, let me do you the business
Diversify you millions, you can live off the interest
Make every revenue stream flood, see where it took me
And make that money stack higher than giraffes, pussy


[Verse 2]
I used to have a Glock that I would shoot through a backpack
So it will leave no shells at the scene
Where I was getting my get-back
Yeah, this for the homie whack, roll through and chop it up
On hard to make the west diveded a united front
Burn big, light it up, waiting on that vending truck
So I can crush the corner, welcome to California
Where people fake it 'till they make it

Or take it with their hand gun
Take your chances, swing, try to land one
Now you're in the box like a samsung, I march through the madness
My symphony deliver something classic
Either you ironclad or you plastic, jumped in or dragged in
Either way, you got to salute the flag, who you want it with?
I acknowledge honest with whole heart and integrity
People keep telling me I'm about to catch a felony
Stage presence, reminiscent of a flashbang
Gave my girl a son and my last name


They're talking about they locked up in a coop in the mansion
I'm saying you can't knock me off the square that I stand in
Nobody gave me nothing, this is just where I landed
Cause now I got everything, bitch, I got everything

[Verse 3]

Motherfucker, my livin room look like a drive in
When I open my eyes a bunch of bitches play violins
Nothing but respect when I walk through the lions den
Because I kill everything, bitch, I kill everything
Nothing ever compares with the strength of a free mind
You find the most dangerous weapon ever acquired by mankind
Using to fight for your freedom and oppress your oppressors
When you mould them and lead them, fuck the positive message
This is a lifetime of lessons, boiled down to the essence
There's no payment for passage, my immaculate presence
Make every revenue stream flood, look where it took me
And make that money stack higher than giraffes, pussy


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