T.I. - Bounce Like This

Bounce Like ThisT.I.4:48

Текст песни T.I. - Bounce Like This

[Verse 1]
Chinchilla to the floor, Cigarillo full of dro
White Benz double doors, I could change colors though
Blue Ferrari, red Bent, black truck on 24's
Several Cheverolet's on 20 inches maybe more
Used to wish for better days, now I'm wishin' never more
I could go buy anything, stick my dick in every hoe
Grand Hustle on everything, P$C in every store
Sellin everything from rubberbands to leather coats
Swear to God I never change, jealous niggaz never know
T.I.P. ain't never been a lame, jigalow since '84
Blessed with astonishing ability to pull a hoe
Fuck her so, good make her think this dick was full of Moe
Pussy so, good but I love it when she suck it slow (OH)
Her motto you don't swallow what you suckin' for (OH)
My motto you ain't ballin' what you hustle for
The VVS's let off such a glow to let these bustas know

Hey! Hey! Hey shawty bounce like this just bounce let me see you bounce like this
Hey! Hey! Hey shawty bounce like this just bounce tell that bitch to bounce like this
Hey! Hey! Hey shawty bounce like this just bounce all my nigga bounce like this
Hey! Hey! Hey shawty bounce like this just, bend it over and make it bounce like this

[Verse 2]
I give you 30 seconds show me what you got could you
Bend it over for me drop it like its hot could you
Wiggle your titties a little lift your top get you to
Bust it open show your panties and your ass for me
Actually I was thinking you, Kim, and Daphine
In the back with me, lickin' on the bottom half of me
Answer me first know that sayin no is blaspheme
Me I'm pussy pumper number one you can ask for me
I knew how you danced for me that you had plans for me
Save the conversation get your partner out them pants for me

Damn honey, you'd be a fool if you ran from me
You ain't fuckin wit another dummy I'm the man honey
Im tryin' to give it to you 'till it make you stand funny (OH)
Throw that pussy right and maybe you can get a grand from me (OH) (HA!!)
Picture pimpin givin' you some damn money
Not a one thin dime but your ass is fine


Now shawty bounce with me bounce with me, let me see you see you bounce with me bounce with me
Now shawty bounce with me bounce with me, let me see you let me bounce with me bounce with me

[Verse 3]
Hey shawty stall if you want to I ball when I want to
Could fall through and shut down the mall if I want to
I could make your girlfriend choose but I want you
Why you bother me with what you will and you won't do
Listen shawty I'm a grown man and you grown too
You can leave with me I ain't gotta telephone you
All I'm thinking 'bout is me layin on you
Or vice versa with a lot of ass to hold on to
I got somethin' for that ass to bounce onto
You missin the chance of a lifetime why don't you
Hop off in the droptop, ride through the city lights
Take you where I kick it let you see what pimpin living like
Pop one of these then we'll see what you feeling like
Takin off your clothes wanna know what its drilling like
Presidential suite at the very end of the night
Treat you like a freak and give you what was missing in your life



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