Staind - How About You

Текст песни Staind - How About You

if someone else showed you the way

would you take the wheel and steer?

it hurts me that you're not ashamed

of what you're doing here

if they jumped off a bridge

would you meet them on the ground?

or would you try and claim

that it never made a sound


everyone plays the hand they're dealt

and learns to walk through life themselves

not everything in life is handed on a plate

when people think your words are true

it doesn't matter what you do

i sold my soul to get here

how 'bout you?

so you choose to force your hand

what a strange way to make freinds

and you always change the rules

so the drama never ends

and you blindly go through life

judging only by its worth

just try not to forget

that the meek inherit earth


so please don't take offense

this is just a point of view

cuz i'm the only one who

will say these things to you


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