Slayer - Verbal Abuse/Leeches (Medley)

Текст песни Slayer - Verbal Abuse/Leeches (Medley)

What do you expect I'm doing up here
What's with you what's the problem
You will always treat me obscene
Who cares if they make sense

You went and sat there and broke their bottles

You rip the seam off the bottom of their jackets

But you won't even know what are there

You're shit

Verbal abuse I get into trouble

Verbal abuse Burn me, I'll do it again

Verbal abuse It's totally your fault

Verbal abuse I guess you want some more


Listen to her try to suck me dry
Problem with you you're afraid to die
They'll come around again and again
But in the end I know I'll win

There's no preference

Fuck this lets just kill them dead
Fuck with this discussion
Fuck this lets just kill them
Well well what the fuck

The worst thing has been done to you
That dumb ass will blow you away
No one now is getting dead

You won't feel a thing
Or your body's life you were fighting for

Got one now is dead
Got another that makes two
Got one more that is three
Don't cross me no more or you're dead

Problem with you you're afraid to die
They'll come around again and again
But in the end I know I'll win

Fuck this let's just kill them dead
Smash their head
Kill them all
Oh well, oh what, oh once and for all

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