Redman - Pimp Nutz

Pimp NutzRedman4:16

Текст песни Redman - Pimp Nutz

"How many motherfuckers that smoke?"
Who got some chronic in this motherfucker?
Gilla House!
"That sounds good"

Yo yo well it's the Soopaman Luva nah bitch Reggie Noble
Middle finger up in photos
Your flow? Eh, so so
Call me that nigga that got the bounce
And I'll pull up to the party witta half a ounce
I got them niggas in the back and they yellin' "HO!"
Punk niggas start runnin' like panty hose
Got the Sour Dies' waving up high in the sky
They're saying, "Redman roll up and let's get high"

Well it's the Soopaman Luva nah bitch call me Pimp Nutz
(Who?) P-P-Pimp Nutz (Who?) P-P-Pimp Nutz
Rollin' through your muthafuckin hood in the big truck
(What?) b-b-big truck (What?) b-b-big truck
Well it's the Soopaman Luva nah bitch call me Pimp Nutz
(Who?) P-P-Pimp Nutz (Who?) P-P-Pimp Nutz
Rollin' through your muthafuckin hood in the big truck
(What?) b-b-big truck, b- b-b-big truck

Well you can tell how I spit, I don't really give a fuck
I be rollin' through your neighborhood middle finger up
Like "Yo wussup nigga, what happened to my weed?
Last time I seen yo' ass you gave me some chicken feed!
I had to roll on you and show you how it go"
You know how Bricks flow
We pullin' da fo'-fo'
Hang out the sunroof and I'm yellin' out "YO!
What happened to my weed and what happened to my dough?"
My motion real slow
When I start to bust

And I get the party bubblin' like Alka Seltzer Plus
You niggas smoke dust
If my flow aint tight
Cause I'm tight like a jewish wife
I'm that nice
Nigga you know Red, I be at the party
Like drinking Bacardi
With somebody
Had to smack a chick for touching my face
I'm like, "Bitch don't you know there's a gun in my waist?"


Now you don't have to ask nigga who got the bomb
I shotgun like the arm
Or Roger moms
When I pull it ya ask, "What's Happening?"
We aint talking, we doin' the gavelin'
It's Reggie Noble on the scene
Call me Mr Green
I got my P.O. thinking that my system clean
Before I seen her, I gargle with the Listerine
So she can turn my felony to a misdemean'
I'm like, "Bitch don't you know who I be?"
I could go cash a check without no ID
I'm a East Coast legend, you should know 'bout me
This is for my 'hood bitches and real OG's
If you're really unaware
That we insane then tell us
I'm in my underwear
Like Damon Wayans in Colors
White tee, Air Force got 'em different colors
550 S Benz make a nigga jealous


[Redman as WKYA DJ ad libs until end]

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