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Chicken Head Convention (Skit)Redman1:17

Текст песни Redman - Chicken Head Convention (Skit)

Ahwhattup y'all? Live, WFDS
At the fucked up Chicken Head Convention
Nationwide, Jones Beach, all the boroughs is representin
We got the big weaves, the big shoes, bad attitudes
Huh, it's on and POPPIN out this motherfucka
Well this is Nik D, hood broken to the end tell a friend beyatch
And we gon check in with these here chickens
Yo shorty, um excuse me, could you tell me your name?
I'm buggin out buggin out buggin out yo whassup??!?
Pedaddaddi, aiyyyyy!!
Oh, shorty, chill chill see, understand, I'm just tryin to interview
Yeah no, nah fuhreal doe, check it out check it out, one second
Tell me... why they call you, a chickenhead?
Ahh I understand
Niggaz be callin me a motherfuckin chickenhead cause
I be goin to the store wearin that same grapefruit t-shirt
I had on before, and diggin up my ass, my nose
Heh, ah yeah, I see how you get down
And the whole nine, my boggle you can kiss my chicken ass
I'ma go over here and step to the next chicken head

Ahh excuse me, shorty, right there, you, yeah you
C'mere, tell me... why are you, at the chicken head convention?
I mean, where you comin from?
Girl let me tell you
I just came from the mall, boostin my motherfuckin ass off
Look at all I got here all in this bag
Mad DKNY, Moskino, they got it all girl, they got it all
*horn honking*
[Redman] Yo c'mon bitch, you know I gotta go!
Bring your motherfuckin ass on!
Nigga, your man, girl
Damn, here he go!
[Redman] Always runnin your mouth
*car door slams*
Anyway umm, I'ma step on over here
*car peels out*
to the silver jewelry booth
Mad chicken heads over there, them bitches swear they fly...

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