Proof - Shady

Текст песни Proof - Shady

[Verse 1: Proof]
If the fool and the wise man argue, who can tell them apart?
Apparently the on-looker wasn’t smart
He called a fool a fool by appearance
And a fashionable man wise by image, now think, don’t that limit?
Don’t think of the thought as thoughtless regardless the clothes
The fool was the wiser, for making the wise man bark
Eyes get parked on the world as the vibes get dark
As the lover’s soul is taken from a crying heart
Forgetting love is like remembering someone you never knew
Or believing that you can take your revenue
To heaven, who sees the Earth is the garden
It’s amazing how the solution can worsen the problem
Like divorce is the future to some marriages
Witness a terrorist bomb Iraqis till our heritage
Mental awareness is needed, don’t read it
Just listen and heed it so please believe it my niggas

[Hook x2: Proof]
Now ain’t nothing more shady than the music biz
We got gangsta images confusing kids
Everytime I take the game I see the rules get flipped

So, take my advice’ cause I ain’t using it

[Verse 2: Proof]
Conference my thoughts, nonsense is lost
Channeled into energy, to keep my conscious a force
The hood is as good as its last victim
You might as well join the Klan and laugh with them
The ass-kissing of a land that raped you
A land that makes you, study the virtue of words that ain’t true
Thank you Malcolm, thank you Jesus
To build your mental they both gave us sacred pieces
Hatred ceases one moment, when at gun-point
Pointed the gun, take lives, now he doing one hundred
Plus he left us ten kids that never knew daddy
Ever so badly, they’ll never grow happy, shit
I am the truth, this can’t be a single
Cause you can’t dance and mingle, I’ll make you do the lady tingle
I am before and after, beginning and end
Not trying to sound deep, this is the venom within

[Hook x2]

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