Nas - Poppa Was a Playa

Poppa Was a PlayaNas7:10

Текст песни Nas - Poppa Was a Playa

To my nigger who brought me in this world

Taught us right nigger

My old dad imported to the family structure

Provide her god

My moms a queen at university civaliza

My pops maybe was late but always came home

My moms would put us to bed and she would wait on

Soon as he walk in the door she barking

I turned out the jonny carson

Jumped out the bed

We grabbed both his legs

Me and my brother

Not knowing the pain he gave my mother

Night after night, fighting yelling at each other

My papa played the street all day

Mama was either home, at work, while we played inside the hall way

She sacrifices all she got to feed us

When she was alone she cried by the phone pepping out the window heeding

But still I didnt see it

Mama hid it from us

We was kids younger

Till we got bigger, on to

Bigger things that we knew what the time was

That daddy was leaving the crib and moms love

Papa was player, player wasnt papa

Papa loved the ladies

Never got enough of

Pretty brown round

Running round town (shhhhh)

Dont tell your mother whats going down

[repeat 2x]

So many kids I knew, never knew what pap was

Thats why I show my pop love

He was still around when I fucked up

He could have left

My moms pregnant shock to death but stayed

Watch me crawl till I took my first step, to the first grade

To my first fist fight

Right behind me he would stand

No matter how big or tall he made me fight you like a man

Throw dirt in your eye, swing my right scoop your ass and slam

He watched me so I wouldnt get jumped by shortys fam

Roaches and weed all over my crib him and moms relaxing

Next thing you know he packing

So then I asked him

Whats this white shit on that plate and your facing?

Papa why you butt ass from the waist

And whos this lady Im facing

Dark skin youre not my mommy

He grabbed me up to run some smooth words by me

Promise things that he would buy me

If I kept my mouth close and dont tell mommy

He said one day Ill understand little me

Was in you to side me

Papa was player, player wasnt papa

Papa loved the ladies

Never got enough of

Pretty brown round

Running round town (shhhhh)

Dont tell your mother whats going down

[repeat 2x]

Pops told me hold my own

Pops told me value home

Could I help it papa was a rolling stone

Who loved the pretty brown round

Out of town bound

Jumping in his jazz benz he touring

At home I play his latest recordings

And its strange now how, I do my thing now

Im in the game now

And heard of it his brain pow

To pull strings and gain power

From weed habits are same now

No white lines to trumpets to tight rhymes

And beats that be pumping

Before he left he taught me something

A childs young years the most important time to be there

Thats why he stayed till we grew up, respect is still here

Im older now see what having a fathers about

One day they can be in your life next day they be out

Its not because of you, you know the deal

Him and your moms feel

If they stay together then someone will get killed

I love you still

Always will

Cause thats my nigger

Although you felt you was wrong

I still feel you kid

Life gose on

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