Mushroomhead - Born Of Desire

Born Of DesireMushroomhead4:01

Текст песни Mushroomhead - Born Of Desire

I Feel So Helpless In This Haze
Better Days Are Laid To Rest.
Life's A Test
World Of Stress.
Who Is Blessed?
Can I Get A Little Heart?
You Know The Deal
Our Weakness Is We Feel Torn Apart.
Still We've Got To Keep It Real.
Born Of Desire
Conspired Denial
Be Your Own Messiah Savior, Everything.
I Am The Liar
Jester To The Sire
I Burn With Your Fire
Walk With Me.
Pleasing Dreams Are Few And Far

Between The Good And Badly Needed
Breaks In Life
Just So You Don't Hate Yourself
If You Believe
In Some Kind Of Masterwork
This Was All Meant For Something
I Am Truly Sorry
Although I'm Really Laughing Inside
Because I Know
This All Comes Out To Nothing
Go On Believe
Life's Some Kind Of Masterwork
This Was All Meant For Something
I'm Sorry, Laughing Inside
For Nothing
Sorry, Laughing Inside,
For Nothing.
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