MC Lyte - Rhyme Hangover

Текст песни MC Lyte - Rhyme Hangover

You've heard the hard side, the rough tough side
Now it's time to hop aboard for a pleasure ride
And yo, I suggest you don't resist
This voyage, you don't wanna miss this
It makes you woozy and feel kinda dizzy
Fantasies wild and imagination BUSY

Why would you want it? [2X]

Go ahead spin the rude moves around
If it's faint you feel, then you oughta sit down
And let the beat just seep through the cracks
And crannies of your brain - you can't remember your name
The beat'll tip-tap and takin over your mind
A cure for this hangover, I doubt you can find
So seek if you wanna, cuz imagine your position
If they say there's a potion well then they're probably competition
Lyte has no fear because it overcomes evil

My plan stands strong, not a one is feeble
With no hesitation here's the incantation

Why would you want it? [2X]

Open up your ears and rev up your gears
This is MC Lyte's train, not ol' steps and stairs
And like I said, I knew you couldn't hack it
So I'll pull out the stretcher and the white straightjacket
You can talk to the fly, for more than a night
But when they ask who put you here, you tell 'em
MC Lyte - crumbs!

Why would you want it?
Why would you need it?
Why would you want it?

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