MC Lyte - My Main Aim

Текст песни MC Lyte - My Main Aim

[Hook] x2
To maintain, is my main aim
Step aside while I do my dang thang
I'm knowing that y'all can't hang
To the best what I'm doin'
Ain't nothin' 'bout to change man

[Verse 1]
I'm 'bout to school all these young cats, take 'em to church
They still rockin' the block, I move the universe
With a verse I murk any kid up on my turf
Like a lady in Maiti I'm shady and ready to burst
Hold up when you roll up
Don't you know the girl Lyte stay swole up?
Keep it glazed like a donut
Get 'em hard now - Pull they card now
Get 'em tore up from the floor up
I gave 'em something to remember me -
Should have been a friend of me
Elbows, I got you nursin' all your injuries
They want the best of me, to get next to me
Feel the realness - Then they want to question me
Where'd you get that flow from?
How long you been rappin' and like old men can I come -
On tour with ya?
Grab the mic hit the stage get raw with ya
'Till I drop on the floor with ya

[Hook] x2

[Verse 2]
I'm much too quick for this
Your jealousy is like a sickness
I run my life like a business
This is the raw deal, no time for small meals
I want a copter to fly me to the lobster

Still workin' in the hood but I roll like a rockstar
And get respect like a Rasta
Nobody move, nobody get hurt
If you seein' my P.O.V. you understand my work
Is for the good but the skill still hot
I leave the spot shook so give it your best shot
I'm out, to make the best out of what I present
And you see me make a dollar out of 15 cent
I keeps the cash flow, and I stash it low
They on the other side thinkin' how the grass grow
So green, so lean, so fresh it's -
Nothin' left to know except I'm hot to death

[Hook] x2

[Verse 3]
Never burn what I earn
Come smart with the chips floss hard in the whip
And most of these cats know I'm hard to get with
So before they get, going I'm'a make 'em all quit - And sit
And think about a strategy to get close to me
Cause right now you're just so-so to me
I keep it so bitter - So gully, so wizza
So on and on, know that Lyte's no quitter
Like that big bunny
I'm on a mission for the money
Years later and the haters still want me
Without a CD released Lyte's platinum in the streets
When they face the truth they can't compete
When I grace the booth I show my steeze
I got days of proof, it's about me
I keep it movin' like a locomotive
You want a challenge? Come on, let's toe-to-toe it

[Hook] x2

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