MC Lyte - Cravin'

Текст песни MC Lyte - Cravin'

I wanna know
I'm done waiting
There's a passion in the air that I'm craving
And I can't hold out, don't wanna hold back
I can't hold out for you
I can't hold out, don't wanna hold back
I can't hold out for you

[Verse 1: MC Lyte]
Time to live life, make it amazing
Been craving since the days of Days Inn
Now I'm at the Four Seasons, I got a reason
To celebrate, something to believe in
Great times, great minds think alike
You ain't for doing it right, then get a life
What time in this game means is bittersweet
But even my enemies know I'm the centerpiece


[Verse 2: MC Lyte]
No more waiting, time to post up
Somebody yell "Action" -- time for close-ups

Ready for the blast-off; dudes take your hats off
Respect diamonds on my neck -- now that's boss
Good living never hurt nobody
Ladies, grab your honey; fellas, grab your hottie
Let's make it a moment that we'll never forget
Like nothing ever will be better than this


Na na na na
Na na na na

[Verse 3: MC Lyte]
Hands up if you know that you're feeling the vibe
Hands up if you know we gon' get it tonight
(We gon' party like nobody's)
Hands up if you really 'bout getting your cream
Hands up if you interested in reaching your dreams
It's like yeah, keep 'em in the air
It's 'bout to go down, and we 'bout to take you there


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