Mando Diao - Bring 'Em In

Bring 'Em InMando Diao2:12

Текст песни Mando Diao - Bring 'Em In

I've gotta climb this mountain, yeah, I'll deal with you later
If you burst into laugh then I will ch-ch-ch-choke you with my cough
I am better of dead, I'm rolling high and I'll be gone for tomorrow

So copying styles if you're a one of a kind
Oh Yeah! Alright!

Tough looking star, painted in black, smoothed in white cream
Sing lazy songs, lyrics haven't been the same without it
And when the lunatics are coming in the late afternoon, I will comfort me

With saying that I'm just a one of a kind
Oh Yeah! Alright!

And when the lunatics are coming in the late afternoon,
you may comfort me by saying that you're all by a tune, and you will say...
I wander what's so wrong about it, I wander what's happy about it,
I want it now and you will never be alive!!

I want it now, but you were never my kind,
so cry at night when the band pullet out

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