Madcon - Bottles

Текст песни Madcon - Bottles

[Verse 1: Yosef]
Oh, so you make a brother wanna get it off, take it off right where you stand
Oh, thinking of the ways that you could play with it, every single way you can
I never wanna wake up, damn
You really didn't waste no land
Cause the thang that be popping on the floor for me with [?] got me thinking you ain't got no man
Yeah, we doing that damn thing, we're drinking back to back, girl
You got a thing for bad boys, you get exactly that, girl
And if they balling they balling, but girl we riding high
Cause even popping these bottles part of my 9 to 5

She said ''I wanna drink'', I said ''I understand''
She telling me ''tonight that I ain't got no man''
So I'mma pop these bottles and we gon' live it up
I see you looking thirsty, girl, go and get your cup

[Hook: Tshawe]
She's telling me what she wants to do
Gotta give her news
So I'm popping these bottles
Let's live tonight and forget the time
Having fun tonight, popping these bottles

[Verse 2: Rick Ross]
She wanted a baller, I wanted to ball
I fit the description, baby, just look at my car
I took her to places she never been to before
Introduced her to designers, knock that Louie Vuitton
Might bump into Hov, she speaking to B
All the bottles of gold, 2-3 cases a week
Women adore me, haters avoid me
Feds wanna record me, nigga, applaud me
Boss - hundred in my watch

Never excersice, but they know we run the charts
All these suckers ducking everytime we bust a shot
Balling in the club and these bottles don't stop



[Verse 3: Tshawe]
What it do, ma? What it feel like?
I'm right here stepping down your [?]pipe
Thinking about what it would feel like tonight
Like yeah, get 'em in a real nice buzz
Get 'em in the mood, filling their cups
Get 'em in the rush, get 'em in a bunch
Hit 'em on the butt, don't hit me on my nuts
Hit 'em up 'til the motherfucker roar
We in here tearing it up
Take that off, baby, lower that trunk
Make it bounce, I can make you cum, church
We ain't never gave a fuck
Doing our thing like it ain't nothing
Can't front, we chasing the paper
Like yeah, that's what's up
Pop that bottle and bring your gut



[Outro: Rick Ross]
YOLO - you only live once

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