Machine Head - i defy

Текст песни Machine Head - i defy

Be my one
Would you take my son?
Would you tell someone whether we had fun?
With your hero, double zero
Gonna suck around your fearo
Then I'm never ever falling again
Would you take my grace
Look into my face
With your limp handshake
And your smile thats fake
Would you back my fight
Say you're down for life
Well its easy to say when you weren't doin' nothin

My God makes me long for a better way
You fear my strength if we're backed into a cage

Because I,
I defy

See my fate
I intoxicate while you emulate
With the users and the losers
Suckin' up to the abusers
And I'm never ever fallin' again
For the tricks you play
All the fronts you claim

And you just cant fake
The respect I make
You're a parasite
You conform on site
You're a leak and a cheat
Always weak and always will be

Maker makes me long for a better way
You fear my strength if we're backed into a cage

Because I,
I defy

So burn it apart son

I'll give it away
I'll see
Why didn't you end the pain

I can't take this
I can't fake this
I will break this
I will make this

I defy

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