Machine Head - from this day

Текст песни Machine Head - from this day

Go, 1,2,3,4,

Yeah, Yeah, You gotta
Stand tall and cut away the ties
Drop Balls and hold that head up high
The world is fast and youth aint gonna wait
So grab a hold before it gets to late
Bare your soul and strip away the cold
Of withered life thats past so gray and old
Cause all the pain that thats filled these eyes you see
Has made them bleed just recently
Tears that made me
Ashamed to be me
But that gave me
Strength to see me
Made a spark that
Lit the dark
Let me shine

Time to see, believe this in me
This pain that i feel deep inside

Cause its time when you come together, peel together
Better now so do it now or never

I fall sleep to freeways far from here
Spend half the night just drinking beer
From this day on shall be the words
My flesh and bones shall make it heard
Dont you test Ill have to mess with you
Do my best so fuck the rest of you
One of these days
You'll see I've always been right


I can feel this pain is real I never wanted anything from you, you

And it makes me glad
When i see the sun
And it makes me sad
When you feel my one
And i thank my god
Got a girl like you
And i thank my god
Did you save me


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