Ludacris - Ludacrismas


Текст песни Ludacris - Ludacrismas

Here comes Santa Claus, here comes Santa Claus
Right down Santa Claus lane
All his reindeer, all his reindeer
Pulling on the reins
Bells are ringing
Children singing
Bells are ringing
Children sing - b-bells are, bells are ringing
Children singing
Santa Claus comes to town

[Verse 1]
Yeah, I tell em all I want for chistmas is two gold front teeth
And ten carat diamonds on a fat gold wreath
That I could wear around my neck
Get money and respect
Tell Santa Claus to bring a ten million dollar check
So I could spread a little cheer
Fly a couple leers
Eat a little chicken, drink a couple beers
Kick back and just chill like a player would do
Remix all the Christmas carols then I play 'em for you
Luda! Turn it up until I wake up all the neighbours
They say that I’m a nuissance but I say they all some haters
Just because I’m poor they always calling me a faker
And cause my Christmas tree's decorated in toilet paper
But little do they know
They 'bout to see a show
Cause when they come up out the house I’m gonna blast 'em with some snow
Frosty’s never seen nothing quite like this
And St. Nick’s never seen nothing quite like Cris
So um…


[Verse 2]
Yeah, chestnuts roasting on the fire in the hills
But down below we firing up the barbeque grills
Ice skating in the driveway
I'mma do it my way
Eggnogs got daddy swerving on the highway
Stains on the tires, ice up on the window
10 degress Fahrenheit freezing as the wind blow
Help me take my boots off
And my snow suit off
Get up in the house and my nose is redder than Rudolph's
I think I need some help
With the buckle on my belt
And if Santa doesn’t show I want his cookies and his milk
Tell him i need a jacket, new Jordans and a XBox
New suits for church and a couple pairs of dress socks
Stuff my stocking with Jolly Ranchers and candy canes
Invite my aunties and uncles, let's do the family thing
Meanwhile I'm hoping Santa got my wishlist
So I could wake up to a very merry Cris'mas


[Verse 3]
Oh yeah, I hear the sleigh bells ringing and the jingle bells rock
Santa never seen the jingle bells on my block
I hear he’s making that list, checking the thing twice
I guess it’s probably cause I been naughty not nice
But I'mma straighten up my act
Get up on track
Make a couple bucks and buy Mama a Cadillac
And then maybe Santa Claus will come around my way
So all the kids on my block can look up and say "hey!"


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