Lindsay Lohan - Too Young To Die

Too Young To DieLindsay Lohan3:18

Текст песни Lindsay Lohan - Too Young To Die

Too Young To Die Lyrics by Lindsay Lohan

I knew I was in trouble for the moment I laid eyes on you (yeah)
Dangerously, i can feel the chemistry around the room (ohh)
Something deep inside told me to think twice i knew (yeah)
But i went ahead what a stupid thing to do
Now i’m in trouble

Hit by a train, falling from a building, heartbreak from you would be like drinking deadly poison
I’m, Oh, I’m too young to die ( I don’t want to die)
Crashing my car, coming flying through the windshield
Falling in love wit ya, i’m heading to get me kill

I’m, oh, I’m too young to die

I could see ya coming like a weather warning on the news (like a twista)
Like a venus flytrap, I’m drawn so please be careful, I bruise.
If you were in my place, would you turn and walk away, be through
I’m must be outta my mind and you could do some time, it’s true
Repeat Chorus

I don’t wanna die this way
Get caught in the middle and for just a little, my heart would break
I’m just another victim of love (everytime I love)
Repeat Chorus

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