Lil Jon - Da Blow (Feat. Gangsta Boo)

Текст песни Lil Jon - Da Blow (Feat. Gangsta Boo)

Da Blow Feat Gangsta Boo by Lil Jon & Eastside Boyz
(feat. Gangsta Boo)

(CHORUS) [9x]
Da blow ...
Da pills...
Da yak...
Da herb...
Da blow..Da blow..Da blow..Da blow..Da blow

[Lil Jon]
Da dro, Da purp, Da herbs,Get Pushed!
Get back, No halfs, No way to give ya hash! I'll join ya two, but do ya niggas smoke a blunt of
this, you wanna smoke with me dont bring no bullshit, da blue, dolphins, white spinners, tha green
nickles,that red superman, that peach butter flys, that white rolex, you'll have them hoes hotter
than a box of stolen checks, the snow, the white, Miami get crunk, when I see em' in the club they
be sniffin' up that stuff, yeah,1g o' white, yeah, 2g o' white, yeah, 3 g o' white, an eight ball for the night. If you wanna get cha lean on, and nothing but that yella there's nothin but that yella, I done heard
down in Texas them niggas got whateva, bottle of that moon,gally gally of that henna, bitches, mix it wit that crunk
juice, we'll have a nigga spinnin like the...

[chorus 5x]

[Gangsta Boo]
yeah I got that weed for the low
those pills for tha low
that blow for tha low
young nigga yain't know,
when I ride I roll high

man I ain't tellin no lie,
when that shit get in my brain,
I grip the grain and fly by,
say dawg you got that good up in the hood we call it mid-grade, another thing we do some call it blow
some call it cocaine, fuck hell nah nigga, I've been on that lean lean, hard bouncin front
to back, watch me change the lane lane, you be constantly talking that shit, the shit that I get, you
bitches can't get, from Memphis to the A the north and the south, is on the ground, we will not quit, under under
ground South, smoked out, fulla green, fuck what cha heard bitch yeah I'm back up on tha scene, if
you wanna get high, you should fuck with Gangsta Boo, I be turnnin niggas out, watch how quick I turn
you into a smoked out, Loc'd out, freaky motherfucker, on that X'd out, passed out, while I put
another on da...

[chorus 5x]

[Lil' Bo]
I been gettin in that work
I got pounds of that purp
I'm a pimp, bitch, fuck, you pull up your own skirt-skirt, we dont give a fuck, 26's on the
truck, fuck around till you show up, we gon' tear this bitch up, I got X I got weed I got anything you
need, when you see me in tha street, just holla at me, throw a dolla at me, bitch smile at me, this
ya boy Lil' Bo from tha E.S.B.
(Big Sam)
See nigga, I smoke everyday, I'm bout' to light up some, haze, I got that shit that will put your mind
up in the day, but I dont fuck with tha blow, but see I fuck wit sum hoes, that be freaky, rubbing they self on X outta
control, I remember back in tha day, wit those eights and fours, when nigga was round the city just
to get to the dough, before the best in the town, and trying to shut Atlanta down, we was slanging nicks and dimes
quarter key's and pounds, of da...

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