Lifehouse - Smoke & Mirrors

Smoke & MirrorsLifehouse4:27

Текст песни Lifehouse - Smoke & Mirrors

[Verse 1]
There was a time, was a place back when
You and I were living alone together
We held each other in the middle of the night
And swore we'd somehow make it better
We set our sights on the big city lights
No moss on these rolling stones
And here we are with everything we ever wanted
But now we're together alone

Gotta break out of this place we are in
Running out of time and out of sin
We were living smoke and mirrors anyway
Gonna drive all night until we disappear
Chasing down the miles so far from here
As the smoke and mirrors start to fade away

We're still the same

[Verse 2]
I remember thinking we could make it out somehow

If somehow we ever took a chance
We packed up what we had and threw it in the trunk
Didn't give our life a second glance
Now the days roll hard and the nights move fast
They say, be careful what you wish
But having everything means nothing to me now
What we had, is everything I miss


You know we're still the same, still the same

Gonna drive all night 'til we disappear
Chasing down the miles so far from here
As the smoke and mirrors start to fade away

And we're all we've got so let's hold on tight
To the dreams that came before the fight
We were livin' smoke and mirrors anyway

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