Lifehouse - Near Life Experience

Near Life ExperienceLifehouse4:11

Текст песни Lifehouse - Near Life Experience

[Verse 1]
If I showed my hand shaking like a leaf
You might not understand, but I bet you'd believe
This bat is inside, crawling around
The cobwebs in my mind that I try to drown out
You said I look like a ghost, man I almost was
You said I need to let go, quit chasing that buzz
That picture in time, frozen like ice
That girls keep repeating, beating me down to size

Well maybe I'm blind, just throwing darts in the dark
I didn't get what I want, I got what I need
Man, it hurts like hell down here on my knees
Is this where I end, or is this where we begin?

[Verse 2]
The night is my friend, I blend in with the best:
The vampires, the crooks, the felons and the rest
Now we can pretend that we really care less
And act like we love what we really detest


[Verse 3]
Make this go away, I'm begging please [?]
There's little life left here for me to bleed
Is this where I end, or is this where we begin?
I'm looking up but I'm feeling down
Since I'm cutting these corners, was cutting me down to size
Am I losing control or losing my mind?
I know for a fact I'm losing my last place to hide


My pulse is racing, I can't catch my breath
This near-life experience scared me to death
Is this where I end, or is this where we begin?
Or is this where we begin?

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