Kreator - Love Us Or Hate Us

Love Us Or Hate UsKreator3:42

Текст песни Kreator - Love Us Or Hate Us

Don't try to tell us what is right for us
We don't give a fuck anyway
Don't try to steal imagination from us
Things we believe we will never betray
Those who have the power to
Suck us try - throw us away
those who never could create
Destroy the music of today
Those devoid of any feeling
Those who make the compromise
Betray themselves to make a deal
Sell their soul at any price
Sounds without feeling, energy or
From money hungry brains and not
from the heart
Fortune, fame and glory are their
Salesmen, deaf to music, blind to art
No honesty, just sterility
A cautious sound they make without
It's still the same as another age
When they took the words of truth and
put them to a flame
No more
Love us or hate us
No more

Love us or hate us
Some have eyes and still can't see
Their plastic noise is anything but
music to me
Mechanized and computerized
Switch off your brain and make sounds
that dehumanize
No more
Love us or hate us
No more
Love us or hate us
Don't try to take our dreams away
from us
We will never be like you
Love us or hate us, it doesn't matter
to me
We don't want to be a part of this sick
Those who have a passion to
Will never change our way of life
We may not think the way you do
But we know that we are right
Those who want to form a world
Of trends and monotony
Have to do it without us
'Cause we always will be free

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