Kmfdm - Revenge


Текст песни Kmfdm - Revenge

The empty and searching streets
These gutters they warm my feet
Since your cold lips blue
Give me life anew

Your works and your understanding
My god is so undemanding and don't miss a day
And i'll always pay
Give me life anew

I got a love for the leader
The cross the deciever
The ache is the answer to break with desaster
Awake be forgiven arise with the living
Never see realize peel your eyes feel the prize

The battle burns in my head
The love is dead and hope has fled
Hate's the hurt my humanity
A corpse in bondage burns for thee
You've been tied ripped and bled
Raped by freedom while hate gave head

You've got a screaming silence
You're full of caution
Your regret is my abortion
This vicious victim lost his hold
Revenge is a dish that's best served cold
Let your bloodlust leave
Let your hate recede
I can take it all with one collect-call
Awake be forgiven arise with the living
Never see realize peel your eyes feel the prize

Innocence dies trust betrays
Hope remains i'm a fan of the flames
Hey there baby girl
I got a weakness for lies
And i'm speechless for highs
Your hurt's my hope i'm your holy ghost
Your angel of mercy
I'll keep you dirty
Be kind to be cruel
So break every rule
Be cruel to the kind and you'll take every fool

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