Kamelot - Providence


Текст песни Kamelot - Providence

Here - I stand before you all
This body's been beaten and battered
But I will not fall
Time - It may change me
As I look back upon this cold life
I see nothing but misery
Push me, pull me.
I will not turn away
All this pain will
prove fruitful one day
You'll see
As I stand I see legions before me
They drink and they dance
In the night
Without thinking I unsheathe my sword
My body is ready to fight
I walk into the fire
They say that I've sunk so low
But my goal lies much highter
I will not lie
Down in the grave
If they, want me
I am not afraid

Tempting providence once again
I fall to my knees and my hands
Tempting providence
When will this madness end
You made me the man that I am
That I am old and wise
The fire has dimmed to a wisp
But I'm still alive
The end is much closer
I never thought I'd see the day
When it would all be over
Hold me.
Tell me today is the day
All this pain will soon go away
Tempting providence once again
I fall to my knees and my hands
When will this nightmare end
Tempting providence once again
This nightmare will soon reach its' end

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