Ian Hunter - Open My Eyes

Текст песни Ian Hunter - Open My Eyes

(ian hunter/darrel bath)

(transcribed by colin ford)

On the avenue of dead umbrellas

In a place where nothin sleeps

No ones pickin up the pieces - no one speaks

Snow falls down - God dusts funky town

For once this place looks pure

Tell that to the people who live in the wind - they aint so sure

In the middle of a violent night - in the glare of a naked light

In the middle of a nightmare

At the bottom of the deepest well - in the middle of a private hell

Shit scared - out there - nowhere

Then I open my eyes - ice on the window - the sun is tryin to break through

Then I open my eyes - in the land of the livin - and its all right

Seen a man rattle in a battle that no one could win

I had to turn my soul away

Shits gonna happen - whether you like it or not

S just the way it is

Then I open my eyes - boats on the river - headin down the east side

Then I open my eyes - and the trash(? ) slips away

Soft and supple - like some alibi

You been walkin in her sleep - there aint no cure for the secrets you hide

In the middle of my wildest dream - in a place where nothins what it seems

At the time of a great loss

From the hoods and the broken homes - this dangers got a smell of its own

In the middle of c-c-chaos

In the valley of the shadow of death - the bellevue boys out kickin ass

In the middle of fire

Inside the belly of the beast - in a place where wonders never cease

You go higher, higher, higher

Then I open my eyes - life in a nutshell - its over fore you know it

Then I open my eyes

And the city wakes up - puts coffee in cups - when I open my eyes

And the kids go to school - imus rules - when I open my eyes

I love you n you love me

N it rains so I buy an umbrella from the guy on 23rd and second avenue

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