Ian Hunter - Boy

Текст песни Ian Hunter - Boy

(ian hunter/mick ronson)

Genocidal tendencies are silly to extreme

After all youre still quite small you dont know where youve been

You was only swearing yesterday

Oh you want to win the world away

But now you got nothing to say-ay-ay

Boy youre getting out of hand

Youve got to make a stand

So put the coke away

Boy you got the do the show

Got to let the people know

You got the strength to stay

I can see you run

I can see you hide

Oh your heart is aching

Lost in a dream of what might have been

Youre the guide

Youre the number one

And your knees are shaking

Stand and deliver in an endless dream

Schizophrenic, photogenic, aggravates me so

Only yes-men

Have a guess man

Watch the spirit go

Batman zips the monster as he bleeds

And gets up on the buzz he needs

And a kid on the street just reads

And reads and reads and reads

And reads and reads and reads

Boy its them hard case city blues

Cagney is the news

Does the giant ring a bell

Boy its the hudson east river cruise

Its the empire state buffoons

Oh you know the story well

Do you have to run

Do you have to hide

Theres a new tomorrow

Yes youre a mess

But youre more than less

When this battles won

You can look inside

Oh you did not borrow

Yes youre the best

But you still cant rest

You know you know

The carnival is closed

Your streets alive with ghosts

But a friend says dont look back

Dont look back dont look round

Your vision is your fate

Through long electric nights

When a woman helps you write

Na na na

Na na na


Na na na

Na na na

Cheer up mate put the dramas in the past

See you did not have to fast

Euphemism lasts and lasts and lasts

And lasts and lasts and lasts

And lasts and lasts

Boy if youve got an axe to grind

Be thankful for this time

For it gives you what you need

Boy youve got an eighty-eight to play

Itll tell you what to say

Itll tell you when to breathe

Boy take a turnpike heading west

Turn the people on to beau geste

Cause thats what you did the best

Boy play the pipes till theyre old and worn

Sing the words till they fall forlorn

Like the pieces of a jigsaw jet

Boy dont let the earth get in your face

Its a middle-aged displace

Its the middle ages snide

Boy were a million miles away

And to think its so insane

Take a chance on a one way ride

Boy shoot a rocket clean out of your mind

Oh these people aint your kind

No they aint your kind at all

Boy shoot a rocket clean out of your brain

No these people aint the same

You can hear another call

Boy the [other book? ] starts with [no? ]

They dont show us how to grow

They only show us how to win

Boy the secrets in the bicycle shed

Aint no answers now theyre dead

To seek is a mortal sin

Hey you know boy let your madness be the clue

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