Ian Hunter - Bastard

Текст песни Ian Hunter - Bastard

(ian hunter)

Vestal virginia - aint got a bad thought in ya - youre a bastard

Mean as a killer - instinct thats within ya - youre a bastard.

Laughs like a drain and it messes up my brain

Cos you know I like the pain of never knowing

Space cow Ill chew the bad blood running through ya

Kiss you as you hit the floor cos you dont even know that youre a bastard

Theres a crisis in the kitchen

But that dont stop you bitchin - youre a bastard

You got that yellowjacket touch,

With the stings that hurt so much - youre such a bastard

Flirting in the shadows, aiming all those little arrows,

Youre as shallow as the gallows you got me in to. (yeah)

Voodoo dolls gonna line the room, handcuffs glinting in the gloom,

One day youll find that hidden door, inside everyone screams that youre a bastard.

(youre such a)

You twist me til Im lame, then you spin the coin again - youre such a bastard

Youre so naturally perverse, you aint even gotta rehearse -youre such a bastard

Fly like a witch, without running in some pitch

Why dont you break the switch that takes me over

My prison is your brain, your prisoners insane

Forgot all the keys, you can break the chains

But you dont even take the blame you bastard.

(bastard, bastard) Im enjoying that lately, you know just the beginnings


The agony and the ecstacy meeting at the middle of my mouth

The agony and the ecstacy cant spit it out.

Sometimes on a rainy day I draw you.

Hope for....love.

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