East 17 - M.F. Power

Текст песни East 17 - M.F. Power

Stop, step back as i damage your brain
heart have an attack but can ya take the pain
i´m going low so where ya gonna go
what are you gonna do
comin´ from the ´stow´ you know
we´re comin´ for true and
the mic is in my hand
just like a sawn off
boom boom bang, i´ll take your head off
don´t try to step to the stage
i´m in a rage
cut you down to the floor and make the front page
love ain´t nothing but mother fuckin´ power
kids on the corner gotta new role model
rizzla called skins
swigging lager from da bottle
hanging out in stolen cars, behind bars
a year later
they´re out on the street
they´re selling drugs to get by
pedding, pushing, call it what you will

they get high
some wanna kill
another life before it´s begun
you gotta warn ´em quick before it´s done
love ain´t nothing but mother fuckin´ power
born with a spoon in your mouth
from your mother torn
they should have never pulled you out
i´m not flowin´ with the flavour
that i gave ya for fun
i´m just explodin´ on the microphone
unloading like a gun
i´m like a demon devil rebel
with the level and the treble
never slowing or stopping
or dropping lines like a beginner
i´m a 12" boar today
and i can blow you away x 3
love ain´t nothin´ but mother fuckin´ power

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