Drowning Pool - Care Not

Care NotDrowning Pool8:43

Текст песни Drowning Pool - Care Not

Maybe it's time for getting better
Maybe it's time for getting worse
I hope we all fall asleep together
As you find that's the hidden curse

Then you think you finally made it,
And you know you're already there...

With no regrets or sorrow,
I'd murder your tomorrow
My hands are bloody and I don't know why
I never cared, I never will, and I never did

All the promises left broken
All the dreams are stolen few
I can't count on all I'm hoping
I'd like to think I can count on you

With no reason for a hate now
There's probably nothing I'd like more...
...[Chorus], yeah!

Won't you let me come inside now?
It wouldn't take much to show you how
Like pushing forward, to bring it back
But I pissed it all away, yeah!

I've been thinkin' 'bout somethin' evil
Don't you think that I know livin'?
I've been *comin' since I was eight, (* cumin' ?)
Learned to set me free

No such promise, an' most are talkin'
Tired and battered, broke and bleedin'
Bones crushed, and bruises all on my bone
I'm seein', "Hello", piss away...
I'm seein', "Hello", piss away...
Ahh-ohh yeah, (x3)... Ooh-oohh, (x4)

I feel like I never did before
You need a reason to settle the score
My eyes can't take all the pain
I realize that maybe I'm just a little bit sane

Ooh-oohh, (x2)...
Won't you let me come inside now?
I'd love to show you how,
Because I give it no say
Because I pissed it all away! Oh yeah!

Don't take that much to convince me
Come on in and taste my sickness
Come on, (x3)... Yeah, (x3)...
I pissed it all away!

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