D12 - Just Like U

Текст песни D12 - Just Like U

[Eminem] Daddy?

[Chorus: children singing - repeat 2X]
I wanna be just like you
When I grow up, just like you
I wanna be just like you
When I grow up, just like you

You don't wanna be just like your daddy
Pimpin hoes, out here drivin Caddy's
Runnin around town, fuckin with skeezers
Shots in your ass, catchin diseases
Son - your daddy got a foul mouth
For fuckin - bitches in they foul mouth
I can't help it, my group's D12
All we do is pop pills and stay in jail
Talkin nasty shit, Bizarre won't stop
I fuck two twins, with a midget on top (yeah!)
A sick mind, rapin an old lady
Knowin damn well Bizarre shouldn't have a baby
All I can teach you, learn how to mack
Smoke crack, smack a bitch when she talk back (bitch!)
Matter of fact, smack your sister she's a slut
Don't you realize, Bizarre don't give a fuck? HAHAHA!


Don't go to school, become a Catholic priest

Sell crack to your Auntie Denice
If Auntie Denice is short forty cent
Make her get on the ground and {fuck} a small {*edited*}
Nas is gon' probably hate me
When Mos Def hear this, he probably gon' suffocate me
Why they let Bizarre rap on Hi-Tek track?
All he gon' do is talk about hoes and smokin crack
If your wife is pregnant, I call a whore
Leave her no money, and go out on tour
Nahh, hah, I'm playin - leave her somethin
A pack of hot dogs and a fuckin dirty muffin (damn!)
You're my son, I'm tryin to teach you somethin
You're {*edited*} years old, it's time to start fuckin
You know daddy won't give you no wrong advice
Smoke weed, then listen to Obie Trice


[Bizarre] HAHAHA!


All I can tell you how to do is pop pills and stay high
.. and tell a bitch to suck a dick, AH-HAH!
I'm a pimp, playah!
A motherfuckin role model

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