Cent - Short Stay

Текст песни Cent - Short Stay

feat. Lloyd Banks

{*set to the "If I Could Go" instrumental by Angie Martinez*}

[50 Cent]
She like it she love it, she kiss it she suck it
She want me to want it, she want to climb up on it
Smile, ha ha... {yeah, Lloyd Banks} (ha ha ha...)
50 Cent (yeah...) {*SHADYVILLE~!*}

[Lloyd Banks]
Mami we can, creep through the ghetto wit'cha, feet in stilletos
Hit the, club and party as long as you sneak in the metal (YEAH~!)
Or we can head to the house, from the house it's the floor
From the, floor to the couch, from the, couch to the door (WOO!)
Then it's, out to the store or, out to the mall
Watchin, out for the law, cause of this pouch full of raw
I don't care how much you love her don't, vouch for the whore
Cause the first chance she get I'm in her mouth on the tour (WHAT?)
I'm lovin the ladies, with no husbands or babies
Since little I've been active, lost dozens of babies (C'MON!)
Gettin a hummer stuntin, in your cousin Mercedes
Or roll up on you dumpin, pourin guns at your 80's (WHAT~?!)
You the man on your block? I'm the talk of the town
That's probably why they wanna see me in chalk in the ground

But you can find me on the corner with a pack of marijuana
Middle finger to haters nigga you fuckin with the greatest

[Chorus: 50 Cent]
Yes, I wanna go, to a mo-tel
Just for fo' hours, only short stay
We don't have to go, far far away
To have some fun, try things my way
Bitch grab your bag, get in the Escalade
Put the seat back, we're onnn our way
There's no games to play, nothin else to say
Listen to your man, you'll like things my way

[Lloyd Banks]
You make me wanna, rest in the tower make a, mess in her flowers
How 'bout, sex in the shower or, neck for an hour (AOWWWW~!)
You got a ring on your finger even, one in your nose
Squeezin some on your toes, runnin your tongue like lobes
Ohh remember spin the bottle? You coulda been a model
While you begin to swallow, niggaz in Timbs tomorrow
No love, no hoes, no paper
Nah no ice, no Mo', there's no acre
Your bitch look good I'ma take her
Won't have to fight to make her the first -
{*abruptly ends*}

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