Cent - Banks Workout Pt. 2

Текст песни Cent - Banks Workout Pt. 2

feat. Lloyd Banks

[50 Cent]
50 Cent; Lloyd Banks!

Nobody get hurt if nobody don't move
Just give it up smooth (G-UNIT~!)
Motherfucker you move I'll flash my tool
and blast my tool (G-UNIT~!)
Nigga you don't know me, and I don't know you
You think you know my crew (G-UNIT~!)

[Lloyd Banks]
I been a problem since the old days, pimps and gold caps
Now I'm in O.J. Simpson throwbacks
Y'all was wonderin where my ass been
Probably vacationin on South Beach gettin head like an aspirin
If you gassed, I can let the tec pound your ego
Or lock you in a closet with the West Nile mosquito
The press crowd in people, especially celebrities
I'm heavily shittin on any Tom Dick or Gregory
Nigga you better be strappin; they want you dead if you rappin
I'm tryin to cave your head and your back in
I'm gettin bread and relaxin, and attractin a fan base
of females with e-mails and letters to fax in
In Vegas with a toaster and a blunt
And the hotel I'm checked in, got a rollercoaster in the front
I'ma post 'em when I stunt, the Sammy Sosa of the month
Better yet the whole season, nigga I'm still breathin
Even though my dollars are green
I rap for the kids that's too poor to waste eggs on Halloween
I'm gettin swallowed clean, my habits are good
Collectin all the karats I could
Slidin from a stash spot to conceal the torture
And a good silencer to make it sound like the Wheel of Fortune
All this careless talkin, cause I'm travelin and flossin
Havin a good time, and you havin a abortion
You sucker for love, gettin married and divorced then
can't even afford the batteries for your Walkman
I'm out the hood, burnin Cali weed on Slausson
Where set trippin turn to tragedies and coffins

Look, I mean what I'm sayin, you schemin I'm sprayin
Your team end up layin, on the sofa screamin and prayin
Sayin, G-Unit niggaz be rollin crazy, holdin 80's
Older ladies starin cause they starin in that gold Mercedes
Since 50 hooked up with Shady, now they tryin to book up and pay me
If you think I'm shook up you crazy, baby
The boy strapped two ninas
Smokin out a bag big enough to fit on vacuum cleaners
I wore a glove when I blazed you fatty, I ain't your baby daddy
She flippin, now he tryin to grab me out the navy Caddy
I ain't your ave-y, papa was a rolling stone
Stockin up to own a home, pocket full of loaded chrome
Drop and get a hold of dome, I know your motive homes
You mad, cause I'm fuckin half your Motorola phone
I'm swift with the women I'm good with my words
A lot of, niggaz is hatin on what I deserve I'm hotter
Front if you want, end up on the curb in your Prada
And your mans runnin, ambulance comin
Another day another dollar, on the low from the Impala
I can have a six still in my shower, motherfucker~!

Nobody get hurt if nobody don't move
Just give it up smooth (G-UNIT~!)
Motherfucker you move I'll flash my tool
and blast my tool (G-UNIT~!)
Nigga you don't know me, and I don't know you
You think you know my crew (G-UNIT~!)
I send a nigga that you thought you knew
to come through and put a hole in you (G-UNIT~!)

[50 Cent]
Lloyd Banks, ha ha!
50 Cent! I ain't even gotta work hard
Look at these niggaz, ha ha ha
The fuck you gon' do now nigga!
You done had the same niggaz in the background for a long time
Think they gangster, but goin back and forth to jail
Well jumpin the turnstile don't count nigga

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