Casualties - Sell Out Society

Текст песни Casualties - Sell Out Society

making something out of nothing
with punk we have a start
you can see it in our faces
we're here to kick society's ass
rejected by the masses
and rejected from the upper class
we finally have a say
a voice for the lower class

this society...will sign your life
this society...for the business man
this society...don't fall in their trap
this society...for fame and cash
this society...for fame and cash

business man smiles draining away all the life we have
he's at meeting planning what other scenes we like to attack
your following is dying and so will be your cash
soon you will be forgotten

don't expect respect from us



no you say that punk is dead
drain the life of someone else
hardcore and ska for the masses
easy cash for the bosses
the best of us you couldn't take
our way of life is here to stay
you sign the scene life away
you got no self respect
repeat 1st verse

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