Blue October - Balance Beam

Balance BeamBlue October3:50

Текст песни Blue October - Balance Beam

I haven't been quite the same
So sure the story of my life would never change
In a bright eyed way
Rinsed out the soap in my eyes and wrote a song that I'm about to sing
It's about a girl
That I hardly even know
It's not another love song
Just a list of things that I should know
every man should know that...

One: You've got to take it kind of slowly
Two: You've got to hurry up and make your move
Three: You've got to tell her that she's pretty
Four: You've got to be the perfect gentelman
When you shake the walls, you've got to make 'em bend
Yeah you're got to show her thats she's pretty
She's so pretty
You're the balance beam
And I keep falling all around this fairy tale.

We took a walk in the rain
My suggestion, she requested
The park nearby to cast the shade
Stay cool but I'm giddy like a school boy
You've got to handle with care this is not a toy
Gradually we touched
Though our clothes were wet
We sat and smiled
I never thought I'd smile so much
The first kiss always says the most

[Repeat Chorus]
Every man should know that
[Repeat Chorus]

OO this fairy tale OO this fairy tale
Some kind of fairy tale. Some kind of fairy tale.

Evey man should know that.

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