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Chorus :
Face in my hands admiring view again
Pictures tell me it's only my fear
So I'll try, I'll try to hear what I like
And I'll try to hide what I fear
Ever moving over to the way I wanna be
Attract an energy
Past time stored in my memory
As we are struggling to make sense of human nature
Distraction like a fairground attraction
Communication interacts like we
So reason over remedy ready me infinitely
But lately I admit hard times have hit
But still I like knowing I'll break through it
The fluid flows the seed grows and life goes on
And the fight goes on in this the Babylon we carry on
Surviving striving taking everyday wtaching time go by
And I tangle with stress feel strain from stress
Man made hell yes in a recess less I be mistaken
I be taking all the ways life heralding the hark

I embark like a light in the dark
Define definition in my focus
Living in a romm over the fear side view
I am surrounded bu the border of disorder
So I oughta be stable and able to lift my hand and take an
Opportunity sinking down into quicksand time
Another number never I endeavour like time is forever
Expanding imaterila is the original principle
Now the icon is God, Sad case in the rat race
Erasing all the memory of something that they can't quite comprehend
I end a line to the live wire with my entire trickle down lava flow
blood fire
I attack with my brain seeing eye vision
Looking over my terrain day by day stay same
In the land of chaos and disorder
Living behind the light we're surrounded by a border
In the dark room.
( Repeat Chorus )

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