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The beginnings of the band stemmed from singer Daryl Palumbo's interests in the hip hop and Britpop genres. Palumbo felt that the material that was inspired by these genres did not fit into Glassjaw's spectrum and so Head Automatica was created to showcase this.The band's debut album, Decadence, was released August 17, 2004. Charting on the Billboard Magazine top 200 albums and Top Heatseekers charts, the album was the brainchild of Palumbo, who was known better for his work in Alternative metal music, and Dan 'The Automator' Nakamura, famous for his production work with groups including Gorillaz and Handsome Boy Modeling School. The two allegedly met at a party and worked on what later became the album. Palumbo then recruited the other current members as a touring group, and toured the United States, playing with bands like Interpol, The...Полная биография

Аудиозаписи Head Automatica

01Beating Heart BabyHead Automatica3:24
02Brooklyn Is BurningHead Automatica3:55
03Shot In The Back (The Platypus)Head Automatica3:43
04Graduation DayHead Automatica3:43
05Lying Through Your TeethHead Automatica3:29
06Disco HadesHead Automatica4:06
07Solid Gold TelephoneHead Automatica2:24
08Dance Party PlusHead Automatica3:22
09Laughing At YouHead Automatica2:46
10Million Dollar DecisionHead Automatica4:04
11Egyptian MuskHead Automatica3:54
12Disco Hades IIHead Automatica3:57
13She's Not ItHead Automatica3:21
14ScandalousHead Automatica4:11
15The RazorHead Automatica3:31
16Please Please Please (Young Hollywood)Head Automatica4:10
17Cannibal GirlHead Automatica3:11
18Negro SpiritualHead Automatica2:36
19King CaesarHead Automatica3:55
20I Shot William H. MacyHead Automatica3:17
21Nowhere FastHead Automatica3:00
22CuriousHead Automatica2:43
23K HorseHead Automatica4:48
24GodHead Automatica3:02
25Young HollywoodHead Automatica4:40
26Beating Heart Baby (Chris Lord-Alge Remix)Head Automatica3:27
27A Wasp On The Tip of My TongueHead Automatica4:26
28OxycottonHead Automatica2:56
29I Won't Leave You Alone Tonight (demo)Head Automatica3:08
30At The Speed Of A Yellow BulletHead Automatica2:15
31Solid Gold Telephone (Instrumental)Head Automatica2:30
32Phone MessagesHead Automatica1:39
33Hard As MudHead Automatica2:24
34Shot In The Back 2Head Automatica4:13
35Negro Spiritual (demo)Head Automatica2:30
36Oxy Contin (Nowhere Fast)Head Automatica3:00
37Farmer's DaughterHead Automatica3:11
38Continental DivideHead Automatica2:46
39Disco Hades II (Instrumental)Head Automatica4:03
40The Million Dollar DecisionHead Automatica3:14
41Dance Party Plus (Instrumental)Head Automatica3:26
42Mondo CannibalHead Automatica5:12
43Covered In Your Best FriendHead Automatica4:25
44You DoHead Automatica2:24
45King Caeser (Instrumental)Head Automatica4:02
46Beating Heart Baby (Chris Lord-Alge Remix) (bonus track)Head Automatica3:26
47Beating Heart Baby ( Project Daryl Palumbo "Glassjaw")Head Automatica3:23
48Beating Heart Baby (Instrumental)Head Automatica3:25
49Head Automatica SoundsystemHead Automatica3:36
50Shot In The BackHead Automatica2:58
51At The Speed Of A Yellow Bullet (Instrumental)Head Automatica2:27
52At The Speed Of A Yellow Bullet (demo)Head Automatica1:25
53The Razor (Instrumental)Head Automatica3:36
54Please Please Please (Young Hollywood) (Instrumental)Head Automatica4:39
55Boy CrazyHead Automatica3:41
56Brooklyn Is Burning (Instrumental)Head Automatica4:00
57I Shot William H. Macy (Instrumental)Head Automatica2:59
58Pulling Mussels (from a shell)Head Automatica3:32
59Please please pleaseHead Automatica4:09
60Beating Hearts BabyHead Automatica3:24
61Brooklyn Is Burning (IBE 2008)Head Automatica3:54
62Chip A Tooth On Love (Alternate Ending and Mix)Head Automatica3:19
63Cigarettes In Purple ReignHead Automatica4:24
64Jackie Wilson Said (Take 1) (Van Morrison Cover)Head Automatica3:38
65Candy WarholHead Automatica3:35
66Track 13Head Automatica3:32
67Sweet 16Head Automatica3:32
68AdoreHead Automatica3:38
69ChantelHead Automatica2:46
70Vanishing ManHead Automatica3:54
71There Is A PillHead Automatica4:05
72GranadaHead Automatica0:25
73BreakdownHead Automatica3:02
74Secret WarzHead Automatica2:11
75Loaded GunHead Automatica3:26
76Chip A Tooth On LoveHead Automatica3:21
77SurelyHead Automatica2:40
78DryHead Automatica2:12
79French Television DubHead Automatica4:58
80Sacramental NarcoticsHead Automatica4:10
81IrreversibleHead Automatica3:58
82198xHead Automatica4:49
83(demo)Head Automatica3:00

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