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Биография Sonny - Lead Vocals Matt - Guitar/Vocals Travis - Guitar/Scream Derek - Drums/Scream В скором времени био будет переведено. “It’s one thing to play a certain type of music, ” says singer Sonny Moore dismissively, “but it’s another thing to have no originality. ” This is not just another brash quote from a member of one of the only truly punk bands left, From First To Last. It’s actually more of a mantra. Because when the members of From First To Last—Moore, drummer Derek Bloom and guitarists Travis Richter and Matt Good—began recording their highly anticipated second album Heroine, the pursuit, above all things, was originality. Which, as one spin of Heroine attests, is what they’ve achieved. “We...Полная биография

Аудиозаписи From First To Last

01EmilyFrom First To Last2:39
02Worlds AwayFrom First To Last4:03
03Two As OneFrom First To Last3:21
04HeroineFrom First To Last5:42
05I Once Was Lost, But Now Am FoundFrom First To Last3:39
06Such A TragedyFrom First To Last3:09
07The LevyFrom First To Last3:48
08My Heart Your HandsFrom First To Last4:20
09X12 Days Of XXXMASXFrom First To Last3:32
10Tick Tock Tomorrow (Wes Borland/renholder Remix)From First To Last3:48
11Failure By Designer JeansFrom First To Last3:03
12Medicinal RealityFrom First To Last3:10
13ChristmassacreFrom First To Last2:16
14AfterbirthFrom First To Last3:16
15Ultimatums For EgosFrom First To Last3:27
16note to selfFrom First To Last4:03
17We All Turn Back To DustFrom First To Last4:01
18Regrets And RomanceFrom First To Last5:44
19A Perfect MessFrom First To Last4:24
20Waltz MooreFrom First To Last4:08
21Going LohanFrom First To Last2:39
22The One Armed Boxer vs. the Flying GuillotineFrom First To Last3:18
23Tick tick tomorrow (acoustic)From First To Last3:43
24Now That You're GoneFrom First To Last5:03
25MinuetFrom First To Last1:02
26secrets don't make friendsFrom First To Last4:01
27The Latest PlagueFrom First To Last3:19
28Shame ShameFrom First To Last3:35
29Waves GoodbyeFrom First To Last4:22
30Hidden TrackFrom First To Last5:16
31I Once Was Lost But Now Am ProfoundFrom First To Last3:38
32MothersoundFrom First To Last4:01
33kiss me, i'm contagiousFrom First To Last3:22
34The Crows Are Coming For UsFrom First To Last4:55
35Tick Tock TomorrowFrom First To Last3:27
36For The TakingFrom First To Last3:39
37...And We All Have A HellFrom First To Last3:22
38populace in twoFrom First To Last3:59
39Be-Headed (Marathon Man)From First To Last3:43
40soliloquyFrom First To Last0:25
41World War MeFrom First To Last3:09
42I Liked You Better Before You Were Naked On the InternetFrom First To Last1:54
43ride the wings of pestilenceFrom First To Last4:27
44Featuring Some of Your Favorite WordsFrom First To Last4:01
45G.R.I.T.S.From First To Last3:03
46When Flying Feels Like FallingFrom First To Last2:51
47M.O.From First To Last4:04
48Waves GoddbyeFrom First To Last4:22
49i liked you better before youFrom First To Last1:54
50featuring some of your favoritFrom First To Last4:01
51Hell March 1From First To Last4:04
52UntitledFrom First To Last5:16
53Tick Tick TomorrowFrom First To Last3:26
54The Other SideFrom First To Last3:41
55 I'll Innonculate The World With The Virus Of My DisillusionmentFrom First To Last4:31
56Hell march 2 remixFrom First To Last1:13
57From First To Last - The Latest PlagueFrom First To Last3:19
58Demo 2From First To Last4:07
59Throne To The Wolves (preview)From First To Last5:28
60Emily (Toy Shop Remix)From First To Last2:42
61I Once Was Lost, But Now Am Profound (Instrumental)From First To Last3:38
62Save UsFrom First To Last4:42
63I'll Inoculate The World With This Virus Of My Disillusionment From First To Last4:30
64I Once Was Lost, But Now Am FoFrom First To Last3:38
65EmelyFrom First To Last2:39
66Medicinal Reality (acoustic)From First To Last3:58
67Emily (Instrumental Cover)From First To Last2:29
68The He Man Woman Hatred ClubFrom First To Last3:14
69You Me And The Significant OthersFrom First To Last3:52
70Two As One [Bonus Track]From First To Last3:20
71I Once Was Lost, But Now I Am ProfoundFrom First To Last3:38
72Everything's PerfectFrom First To Last2:46
73Tick Tock Tomorrow (Wes Borland/renholder Remix)(Другой Мир:Восстание Ликанов)From First To Last3:47
74Two As One (NHL 09)From First To Last3:21
75Worlds Away (acoustic)From First To Last4:24
76Nigga, Please (Seven Years Saosin Cover)From First To Last2:46
77I once was lost (Need for Speed: Undercover)From First To Last3:38
78Elvis Said Ambition Is A ream With a V8 EngineFrom First To Last4:21
79I Once Was Lost, But Now Am Profound-OST Need For Speed Undercover From First To Last3:38
80The Soft WarFrom First To Last2:16
81The He-Man Woman Haters ClubFrom First To Last3:14
82You, Me, and the Significant OtherFrom First To Last3:52
83I'll Inoculate the World with the Virus of My DisillusionmentFrom First To Last4:31
84Elvis Said Ambition is a Dream with a V8 EngineFrom First To Last4:21
85Chyeaaaaa!From First To Last1:01
86Cashing OutFrom First To Last3:06
87Dead Baby KickbalFrom First To Last5:16
88Note To Self (Жанр: Emo)From First To Last3:35
89Minuet(Markhop cover)From First To Last1:07
90Going Lohan (Single 2009)From First To Last2:38
91In Memorium In AdvanceFrom First To Last2:00
92Deliverance!From First To Last3:40
93the one armed boxer vs. the flFrom First To Last3:18

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